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I am an HPCSA licensed Clinical Psychologist working with adults and adolescents. I provide psychotherapy, counselling, psychosocial support and psychoeducation to individual, group, couples and organisational clientele. My psychotherapeutic modality is eclectic and includes a wide range of orientations such as psychodynamic framework, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Gestalt Therapy, Narrative Therapy and some action approaches such as psychodrama and movement therapy.

My interest areas are working with a broad range of mental disorders, particularly mood disorders and anxiety disorders. I also provide caring and supportive interventions to assist clients with adjustment difficulties such as job losses, divorce and grief, amongst many others. I have specialist training from New York University to work with issues around sexuality and LGBT related issues. I am passionate about working in a cross-culturally competent manner to provide optimum solutions for my clients.

I am an ICAS registered Employee Wellness and Training Afffiliate. I am quite skilled at addressing mental health and wellness issues in the workplace, which will lead to reducing employee risk and performance failures in the workplace. I also perform psychological assessments and conduct assessment centres for recruitment, selection and talent management purposes.

I pride myself on using the mass media as psychosocial commentator on issues relating to people's wellness, society and the world. I appear on radio, television and new media in that capacity. 

In summation, I enjoy using my expert people knowledge to provide people with creative solutions. I invite you to engage me.







New York University

MA, Counselling for Mental Health and Wellness






University of the Witwatersrand

BA, Law


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